You have the FAQ in video (in french), and the written FAQ below for an overview of the most frequent questions!


What comics are available?

Currently (August 2017), only my current comic Chronoctis Express is on sale (in french). I also have many other projects, including Kuriatua which is one of my priorities, but for the moment I try to work only on Chronoctis Express ^^

Where can I buy your comics and illustrations?

On Amazon now, or on every french bookstores from september! You can also see me on manga festivals in France and Belgium if you want a signing on your Chronoctis Express book =)

What is your material to draw and do your comics?

100% of my work is done on digital. I have my laptop, my tablet Cintiq 13hd Wacom, and the software Clip Studio Paint!  I make illustrations and comic pages with that software.
When I create my Bds, I start writing the script with a text editor, I work on chapters in a global way in writing a resume, then I do the story-board, the rough, the inking and the dialogues on Clip Studio Paint.
I try to draw sometimes on traditional, but for the moment it’s not really good : P


I have a comic story and I’m looking for a drawer. Would you be interested?

Unfortunately not: I work 100% of my time on my own comics, I will have for several years to finish Chronoctis Express, and I still have a big package of stories I want to do so … ūüėÄ


Do you take commissions ?

No, sorry!

How old were you when you start to draw and do comics?

Until the age of 11, I created novels. I liked to draw but it was still a nice leisure.
At the age of 11, I began to illustrate the novels I wrote.
At the age of 13: I discovered mangas thanks to Dragon Ball. Shock ! I started drawing more regularly: I copied pictures, I drew my classmates and objects around me when I was bored in class (not good XD)
It was at this age that I decided to become a comic author. Manga was very badly seen by adults and publishers, but it didn’t  matter : a real passion was revealed and I was ready to face winds and tides to reach my goal!

 At 14 years old, I started to make a comic manga. I realized my pages without storyboard, and without inking, on A4 pages. From 14 to 18 years, I made more than 600 pages while continuing to write novels.


When did you start to seriously do comics?

From the beginning of high school I began to draw very regularly in order to become professional, but I progressed very slowly in drawing because I wasn’t practicing with observation sketches. So my level was okay but not amazing at all.
At 20 years old, in 2006, I created my fanzine “Shinokami”: a comic fanzine about magic and imaginary. Other members joined me. It was really there that I began to understand that I had a long, long way to go to progress, whether in narration or drawing! Making festivals, meeting people and sharing my experience with other members of the group was extremely beneficial, and I began to work more seriously at observation drawings.
I started studying the scenario theory from 2012 (when I was 26 years old), after many discussions with a very experienced publisher, who taught me a lot about making a comic book , and pushed me to better show myself as an artist.
Since then, my level has evolved tremendously in quite a short time.
I began to analyze a lot the work of my favorite mangakas, and tried to reproduce illustrations and comic pages that had impressed me.

That’s how I’m at that level now. There is still a long way to go to be a veteran and I’ve made a lot of detours, but I’m happy to get a little closer to my goal each day ^o^


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